Beyond Theory: Real-World Practice for Exceptional Communication Skills


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Our unique training program will empower you to build stronger relationships in every aspect of your life, from your personal friendships to your professional network.

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence, allowing you to better understand and empathize with the people around you
  • Learn effective communication techniques that will make you a better listener, speaker, and problem solver
  • Discover the secrets to creating instant rapport and building trust with others
  • Boost your self-confidence and improve your self-image, making you more attractive in both personal and professional settings
  • Develop the skills to resolve conflicts and handle difficult conversations with ease

We Focus On The 3 Core Competencies Of Communication Skills

Core Competency #1: Mindset

In order to communicate powerfully, a strong and flexible mindset is a must. Here are some of the ways we train your mindset:

  • Social intelligence: Learn the rules that govern social interaction, including (and especially) the ones you're not currently aware of
  • Inner development: Learn how to set goals (and actually achieve them), how to cultivate a strong character, and simply become happier and more fun to be around
  • Resilience: This is the art of turning anything that happens in life into an advantage that moves you forward

Core Competency #2: Skillset

This is where we dive into the actual skills of interpersonal and team communication. Here's what we cover:

  • Verbal mastery: Learn the best practices for speaking in a way that connects with others, & inspires connection & collaboration
  • Non-verbal communication: Develop a kind of "x-ray vision" that lets you see what's being communicated beyond just the person's words (and learn how to make sure you're sending the right messages non-verbally as well)
  • Verbal self-defense: Learn & practice how to handle confrontation gently and with confidence. Never again let another person devalue or disrespect you in any situation

Core Competency #3: Heartset

Being able to drop into your heart and communicate with personal warmth is one of the most valuable things you could ever learn in life. We'll train you on that and much more, including:

  • Emotional attunement: Learn to read where people are at, and be able to truly connect with them and build trust
  • Emotional healing: It's hard to connect with anyone when you're getting triggered. We've got a method that gently heals old triggers so you can remain present and calm
  • Emotional evolution: As you continue to train with us, you'll notice your emotional intelligence continues to grow and blossom. This gives you a far more sophisticated ability to appreciate & connect with others (and yourself)

The Only Program In The World That Trains You In 3 Unique Ways


Unlike other programs that teach you a handful of techniques, and give you the bare minimum in terms of practice, the academy offers:

  • Deep Drills: Extended drills designed to install the necessary communication skills so they will be there for you when you need them
  • Contextual variety: You'll get to practice these skills in many different types of situations (friendship, business, romantic, family, etc.) so you'll develop real mastery
  • Resistance training: Just like sales trainings offer practice with overcoming objections, we offer practice in dealing with progressively more challenging situations so you really will be prepared for whatever the real world throws at you

This Is For You If...

  • You want to excel in your career by mastering the art of effective communication, negotiation, and collaboration with colleagues, clients, and managers.
  • You're looking to create deeper, more meaningful friendships by improving your listening skills, understanding others better, and becoming a more empathetic and supportive friend.
  • You desire to attract and maintain healthy, fulfilling romantic relationships by learning how to express your needs, share your feelings, and build trust with your partner.
  • You strive to strengthen family bonds by developing better conflict resolution skills, fostering open and honest communication, and nurturing a deeper understanding of your loved ones.
  • You're committed to personal growth and self-improvement by developing top-notch communication and connection skills that will positively impact every aspect of your life.

Meet The Instructor


My name is Jason McGarva. With 24 years of experience teaching communication skills, I've led over 800 live workshops and helped thousands of people from all over the world to become stronger communicators.

I've developed a nuanced understanding of communication that goes beyond conventional teaching. I don't just teach theory. There are a lot of books about communication teaching best practices.

What sets me apart is that I turn those best practices into fun and engaging drills that "install" the skills right into your brain.


"Compared to many other coaches, Jason offers very specific practices to develop and harness new skills. Specifically, Jason offered practices to communicate more effectively to help me improve business relationships and negotiate with executives."

- James Foote - Boston, MA

"After working with Jason I find that I'm speaking my truth a lot more often. I'm having truly genuine conversations with others. I'm no longer nervous on dates or social interactions where I don't know people. I've become a more confident person and keenly aware of what I want/don't want to pursue."

- Karen Gobler - Newton, MA

"Thank you for making me more aware of my annoying communication habits so I can charm future friends and significant others instead of scaring them away."

- Leslie Fagenson - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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